How can women become and Looks Slim for permanent

Tired of all the weight loss strategies and still no visible slimming effects? Don’t lose hope. There are some tips for you to dress up so as to look slimmer. It’s not just the clothes you wear; it’s how you carry them. Though it’s of utmost importance to embrace a healthy lifestyle in terms of having a regular workout routine and a healthy diet however; dressing up the right way might help you appear to be slimmer. It can also help you highlight your best features while disguising the problem areas.

Selecting the Perfect Fabric

Certain fabrics could really help you in looking slimmer and giving you the perfect shape. These include fine cotton, cashmere, jersey, and spandex containing fabrics. Flat materials like cotton, silk, denim, and wool gabardine do not add volume. Conversely, bulk materials like crushed velvet, wide-wale corduroy, leather, mohair, suede, angora, taffeta, brocade, satin, boucle, flannel, and fringe should be worn moderately.

Stick to One Color

When you wear clothes with severely contrasting tops and bottoms, the attention is drawn towards the middle part of your body. Conversely, same colored lower and uppers form an uninterrupted vertical line that gives an illusion of a taller and thinner body.

Match Shoes with Bottoms

If you are dressing for summers with a short dress and would be showing off your legs, put on neutral skin colored shoes. For winters, if you are wearing black tights, you can put on black pumps. Coordinated color of the shoes and bottoms could aid in giving an illusion of an elongated bottom half.

Put on a Jacket with Jeans

Wearing an open jacket could give extra slimming effects with dark wash jeans and v-neck tops. The narrow lapels and crisp straight lines of a jacket tend to give a slimmer look.

Put on Simple Jeans

Streamlined, clean, simple jeans with un-embellished pockets must be selected. Straight leg and bootcut are the leanest silhouettes. You must avoid denims with extra details since they draw eyes and give the illusion of a fatter body.

Use Shape wear

Body shapers could aid in smoothing the bulges and lifting breasts and hips. They can considerably aid in accentuating your feminine figure and giving the illusion of a slimmer body. Waist trainers could also be used which would even be helpful for your waist reduction efforts over the long term. A waist trainer constantly adds pressure to the area around the waist and thereby aids in gradual reduction of the waist size. In addition to this, a waist trainer also offers bust support and hence gives your body an overall good shape.

Wear Perfectly Fitted Undergarments

You must invest in some proper fitting undergarments as they give you the perfect shape. Loose fitted undergarments might not give the desired shape while extremely tight ones might create bulges. You should be seeking professional advice while selecting the undergarments for yourself so that you avoid ending up getting the wrong sized undergarments.